Daughter of Hungarian King Alexander II, St. Elizabeth of Hungary was born in 1207. She is the patron saint of widows, young brides, nursing services, bakers, the falsely accused, and tertiaries. Many times she is depicted with bread loaves, alms, and flowers while attending to the poor.

Elizabeth of Hungary was sent to the Landgrave of Thuringia court for schooling. She was promised in marriage to the infant prince. Married at age 14 to Louis of Thuringia, both spouses tried to lead virtuous lives. Louis left her a widow in 1227 when he was slain during the Crusades.

Regaining her dowry, Elizabeth of Hungary sent her three children away and took the money to start a hospital serving the poor at Marburg. She renounced worldly pursuits becoming a lay member of the order of St. Francis. A symbol of Christian charity, she was canonized shortly after her death in 1231.