St. Fina lived around 1253 A.D. in the Italian town of San Geminiano (Tuscany). Hers was a short life but one filled with the love of Christ and heroic tales of her devotion to Him. Her parents were poor and this was her lot in life as well. Legend has it that her own poverty did nothing to turn her away from God. Instead she would take her own meager supply of food and share it with friends and family.

Physical suffering plagued her all her life, as a series of painful illnesses beset her from a very young age. Instead of giving in to these illnesses and pitying herself, she turned to God once again for strength and comfort. This took the form of praying for others. It is for her pious battles against suffering and sickness that she is known now as the patron saint of handicapped people. Medals with her likeness frequently feature a sick person being cradled in the arms of Christ.