St. Genevieve was born in Nanterre, near Paris, in 422. She was only 7 when St. Germain of Auxerre went through her village on the way to Great Britain to fight Pelagius heresy. He singled her out in the crowd and told of her future sanctity. He led her to a church and consecrated her as a virgin to God.

St. Genevieve’s life was one of constant prayer and austerity. She wore garments similar to the ones worn by the Blessed Mother. She was responsible for keeping inhabitants of Paris in place when Attila marched because of the protection from heaven.

The symbol often associated with her is that of a load of bread due to being generous with those in need.

St. Genevieve is known as the patron saint of disasters, fever and Paris, as she protected the city. The memorial day is on the 3rd of January every year.