Gertrude was born in 1263 to a Saxon family of nobility. At 5 years old, she was placed into a Benedictine abbey for education. She was able to write in Latin and was obedient to all of the monastic observances, including mortification and humility. She recorded her visions, which included intimate conversations with Jesus and Mary.

St. Gertrude was known for being gentle to everyone, including sinners. She held the passion for the Lord close to her heart and she ultimately led the abbey where she was sent as a child with wisdom for a total of 40 years. She longed to be with Jesus in heaven and her inability to do this created almost continual suffering. She was finally granted her wish in 1334 when she was 72 years of age.

Saint Gertrude is the patron saint of the West Indies and her feast day is the 16th of November