St. Isaac Jogues is known for serving as a Jesuit priest and missionary for Native Americans in North America. His feast day occurs on October 19. Also known as the Apostle of the Mohawks, Saint Jogues was ordained as a priest in 1636. He served as a missionary to allies of France.

During his travels, Saint Jogues was captured by the Mohawk Iroquois. He was tortured but was able to survive it. He continued to work as a slave in the Mohawk tribe. He continued to try to preach Christianity during his capture. Despite the capture, he also continued to preach Christianity to other Indian tribes. Eventually, he was beheaded by one of the members of the Mohawk tribe.

His life served as a testament to perseverance in upholding the Christian faith. Pope Pius XI canonized St. Isaac Jogues on June 29, 1930. His life is an inspiration to young Christians who may be facing persecution in secular society for their faith.