As the Patron Saint of Head Injuries, Saint John Licci lead one of the longest lives of any saint in the Catholic Church. He lived for a total of 111 years. He also led a life of miracles.

From the moment he was a baby, Saint John Licci exhibited healing powers. When a neighbor heard him crying as a baby, she took him into her home to feed him. During this time, her paralyzed husband was cured of his illness while the baby rested. As soon as he was removed, the husbands paralyzed condition came back. When he grew older, John continued to exhibit an interest in Christianity. He did not feel like he deserved to enter religious life until another priest recommended it. When he became a priest, other miracles that he completed included feeding many workers at once and continuously feeding a poor widow and her children. He also continued to cure individuals who suffered from head injuries in accidents.

Today, individuals pray to Saint John Lucci for healing when they are suffering from head injuries or about to obtain brain surgery.