Born to Zebedee and Salome, St. John the Evangelist, or St. John the Divine, grew up around the sea of Galilee in great poverty. Along with his brother, St. James, he followed St. John the Baptist into Jordan’s wilderness to preach. He and his brother left to become disciples of Jesus following the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan by John the Baptist.

John occupies a central place in Christianity. He took part in the Last Supper, one of only 12 apostles not to forsake the Lord at the foot of the cross. He was guardian of ‘our Lady by Jesus and brought her into his house, When he heard of the Resurrection, he was at the tomb first. He was first to see the risen Lord at Tiberias.

John worked with the new church in Ephesus and Jerusalem. He founded churches across Asia Minor. John is credited with composing three Epistles and the fourth Gospel. He died around 100 AD at Ephesus in modern Turkey. His feast day is Dec. 27