Receiving Godly visions at age 8 and born with a fiery nature, St. Joseph Cupertino was the son a poor carpenter who died while Joseph was in his mother’s womb. Often depicted flying through the air with a cross, he is the patron of flight, aviators, and air travelers celebrated with a feast day on Sept. 18. Pope Clement XIII canonized him in 1767.

Joseph Cupertino led a life with great highs and spirituality following his birth in 1603 in Nardo, Kingdom of Naples. His ill humor was controversial among the Franciscan Friars Minor Conventual whom he joined after much tumult. His exhibited a constant state of agitation and great spectacle in prayer and was said to levitate.

Yet, great devotion to the Virgin Mary along with traits of obedience and humiliation gained Joseph Cupertino respect as a priest. People flocked to his confessional. He died on Sept. 18,1663.