Saint Juliana suffered martyrdom for her love of Christ when she refused to marry the Eleusius, a Roman senator. Eleusius plead with Juliana to marry him at multiple times, to which she refused as a bride of Christ. Despite being tortured, Juliana was determined to remain a virgin out of her devotion to Christ.

The tortures she suffered included flogging, being hung by her hair, placed in front of a boiling cauldron of flames and eventually being beheaded. She was only 18 years old at the time of her beheading. Her perseverance, love for God and true courage remain an inspiration today.

Saint Juliana became renowned for the suffering she endured in the name of Christianity. A symbol associated with her is a devil being lead by a woman with a chain. She is known as the patron saint of sickness. Pope Clement XII canonized her in 1737. Women in labor and those with serious illnesses pray for protection from Saint Juliana.