Saint Kieran was born in Ireland in 530. Before the saint was born, his mother had a dream in which a star fell into her mouth. From this dream, angels told her that she would give birth to a son with immense riches and fame. The saint developed a love of learning from his mother.

When the saint attended St. Finian in Clonard, he became one of the most knowledgeable monks on the campus. After a few years, he departed from his monastic brothers and went on to start his own monestary called Clonmacnoise. The monestary become one of the greatest literary schools in Ireland. It produced some of the greatest works of literature and art in Ireland.

The ruins of the school remain standing today. After the invasion of the Vikings, most of the monastery was plundered. This saint is remembered for his profound influence on higher education in Ireland. The Feast of St. Kieran is celebrated on September 9.