As the King of France, Saint Louis grew up in a home inspired by the faith of his mother. His father was Louis VIII, and he died when Louis was just 12 years old. He developed a sincere and ardent love for the Christian faith, and this faith continued to be shown during his reign.

In 1234, Saint Louis became the head of the government in France. He also married Margaret, the daughter of the Count of Provence in that year. His notable accomplishments included leading a crusade during his lifetime. He died during his last crusade in 1270. Before his death, he received the Last Sacraments.The Feast of Saint Louis is celebrated on August 25. Saint Louis is remembered for approaching his political duties under the kingship in the context of his faith in Christ. He also founded hospitals and served the poor during his lifetime. Saint Louis even made sure to include impoverished individuals at his table for supper every night.