Despite what once was her reputation as a sinner in her community, Mary Magdalene is now remembered for being penitent in the sight of Jesus. Mary Magdalene had a great deal of beauty and was perhaps even arrogant for this beauty. Upon visiting Jesus, He cleansed her of seven evil demons within her. She became filled with sorrow, faith and love after this meeting.

Later, Mary Magdalene met Jesus for supper at Simons home. During this meeting, Mary Magdalene exemplified penitence in using her beautiful, long hair to wipe the feet of Jesus. She anointed his feet with expensive perfume. When people were disconcerted after Jesus allowed Mary Magdalene to touch his feet, Jesus replied that her sins were forgiven and that she had loved very much.

Mary Magdalene continued to follow Jesus even through his trials, death and resurrection. When she went to see Jesus tomb, she inquired as to where He was. The man replied, Mary! and showed that He was Jesus. Today, Mary Magdalene is an inspiration for penitent sinners. She is shown holding a container of perfume. Her feast day is celebrated on July 22nd.