Saint Matilda served as the ruler of the Saxon Ottonian dynasty and is remembered for her generosity and devotion to charity. As the wife of King Henry I, she also played a prominent role in politics and attempted to use her influence to ensure that her son Harry inherited the royal throne. Instead, her eldest son Otto received the crown. Later, she ultimately persuaded Otto to give the crown to Henry Duke of Bavaria. Her sons often criticized her charitable giving, but this did not stop her belief in helping others.

Saint Matilda was also a devout member of the Catholic faith and made it her lifes work to construct churches and monasteries. She often engaged in prayer to God and was even said to leave her husbands side in the middle of the night to pray at a local church one time.

The Feast of Saint Matilda takes place on March 14. She became a saint right after her death. Many followers of Saint Matilda can be found in Saxony and Bavaria.