A Lebanese member of the Maronite Church, St. Nimatullah Kassab al-Hardini was born as Joseph Kassab in 1808. He changed his name following entry as a novice to the monastery of St. Anthony Ishaia in 1828. He was ordained on Dec. 25, 1833 at the monastery of Kfifan by Bishop Seiman Zwain.

Nimatullah was a book binder. He also was general counsel of the Maronite Order for most of 1845 to 1858. Continuing book binding throughout his life, he was renowned for being humble, observant, and sensitive to others. He was known for performing miracles to such an extent that he was called “The Saint” while still alive.

Nimatullah died at Kfifan monastery clutching a picture of the Virgin Mary on Dec. 14, 1858. Patron saint of Beirut, he was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1998 and canonized on May 16, 2004. His feast day is Dec. 14.