Saint Peregrine is the patron saint of those afflicted with cancer and the St Peregrine medals typically show him revealing his bandaged leg. Peregrine Laziosi, born into wealth and privilege in Forli, Italy, was once a member of a group vehemently opposed to the Catholic Church. Peregrine struck St. Philip who had been sent to intervene in local papal uprisings. In return, Philip offered his other cheek. Philip’s humility and forgiveness moved Peregrine to repent and convert to Catholicism.

Saint Peregrine traveled to Siena, joined the Servite Order and eventually founded a monastery in his hometown of Forli. His excellent preaching and reputation as a confessor brought many back to the Church. He became afflicted with cancer of the leg and foot. The night before the amputation of his cancerous leg, Saint Peregrine prayed many hours before the cross. The next morning, his leg was cured. Learn more about St Peregrine.