The story of Perpetua comes from her hand as well as her teacher, Saturus. The account is commonly referred to as The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity and was commonly used in liturgies in the earlier centuries.Perpetua was known for her gift of the Lords speech and being able to receive Gods messages.

Her story begins in 203 when she decided to become a Christian despite the fact that it could mean her death because of the Septimus persecution taking place. Her brother followed her lead and became a catechumen as well. Her father attacked her after telling him that she cannot call herself by any other name than a Christian. This led to her being arrested with four others, including the slave Felicity.

Her father was very upset, especially because he had a baby son who was still nursing. Sent to the arena to face beasts, a enrage cow was set upon her. Surviving the initial encounter, Perpetual was then beheaded after placing the sword on her own neck.

St. Perpetua is the patron saint of cows. Her feast day is March 7 and she is commonly pictured with her arm around Saint Felicity.