Twin sister of St. Benedict, St. Scholastica was born to wealthy parents in 480. Her early background isn’t well known. She founded a religious haven for women at Plombariola in the foothills of Mounte Cassino about five miles from Benedict’s monastery. Since women weren’t allowed inside Benedict’s monastery, they met annually at a nearby farmhouse to discuss spiritual thoughts.

Scholastica and Benedict’s last meeting ended with her asking him to stay another day, according to the “Dialogues of St. Gregory the Great.” Although he refused, a suddenly violent thunderstorm made it impossible to leave. They spent an extra day together discussing theology. She died three days later around the year 543.

Following her death, Benedict saw her soul rising to heaven like a white dove. He brought her body to his monastery where she was entombed. He died a short time later. Her feast day is Feb. 10.

She is the patron saint of nuns and against storms and lightning