Saint Sophia is also known as Saint Sophia the Martyr or Wisdom. She was born in Italy and is best known for having three daughters that she named after the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love. During the reign of Hadrian, her young daughters were taken in front of Hadrian and asked to worship another God. She encouraged them to remain steadfast to their faith.

They kept their composure, and one by one, they were taken to be tortured. After emerging unscathed from boiling pitches and furnaces, they were beheaded. Saint Sophia died in 137 A.D. after three days of praying at their graves. The Bulgarian capital city was later named after her church in remembrance.

September 17 marks the holiday where her sacrifice is remembered, and there is a statue of her in the capital city of Sofia in Bulgaria. Images of Saint Sophia often show her and her three daughters holding crosses.