Patron of Bohemia, the Czech Republic, and Prague, St. Wenceslaus was born to the Duke Of Wraistlaw near Prague around 903-907. Also known as Vaclav, he studied the faith with St. Ludmila, his grandmother. His father and grandmother were martyred by Drahomira and the Magyars who took over the state.

A 922 coup put the young Wenceslaus in charge of government. He promoted Christianity. His brother Boleslaus aligned with Czech dissenters opposed to Wenceslaus. They asked Wenceslaus to a religious celebration during which they killed him as he went to Mass at Altbunzlau in 935.

Known for virtue and being a virgin, Wenceslaus’ body was transferred by order of a repentant Boleslaus in 938 to Prague’s Church of St. Vitus. Often depicted with a crown, eagle on a banner, and dagger, his feast day is Sept. 28. He also is honored by a Czech public holiday on that day.