During the late second century, St. Alexander studied at the Christian school of Alexandria under the instruction of Origen, a Christian theologian who composed the seminal work of Christian Neo-Platonism. St. Alexander eventually became bishop of Cappadocia. After seven years of imprisonment under the persecution of Severus, Alexander sought to continue his journey of faith. He traveled to Jerusalem where he created an extensive theological library and eventually became coadjutor bishop.

While St. Alexander achieved several high positions in the church, he maintained his gentleness of character, expressed most in his homilies. In contract to his warm demeanor, his faith was strong, unwavering, and he was willing to endure torture and death in the name of that faith. When the wild beasts did not attack him, Decius sent Alexander to a Caesarean prison. He died there in 251. St. Alexander’s patronage reminds us to stand strong during times of ridicule.