When St. Catherine Laboure was a young, unassuming nun in The Daughters of Charity, she was visited by the Virgin Mary in a series of three miraculous apparitions in 1830, a tumultuous time in French history.

A young child, illuminated with an internal light, came to her room on night as she slept in the convent. He escorted her to the chapel where Mary appeared to her standing on the globe. Glorious rays of light emanated from the Mother of God. Mary told Catherine to have a medal made. Each person who wore it would receive benefits that would carry them through the upcoming revolution in France, during which the Church itself would be desecrated.

Even though Catherine, still a young postulant, feared being doubted, she did as Mary instructed. The medal is now known as the Miraculous Medal and it has been known to grant its bearers abundant grace. St. Catherine Laboure is known as the Saint of Humility. She helps the humble when they are asked to do the great and small tasks of their lives.