St. Germaine was born around the year 380 and eventually became the bishop of Auxerre, the same city in which he was born. Throughout his life, he was a noble man and studied civil law. He was regularly in the displeasure of St. Amator due to hanging trophies of a chase on a particular tree, which was once seen as pagan worship.

Germaine, after fleeing from the anger of the duke, accepted everything as Gods will. He gave himself up to prayer and began works of charity. After Amator died, he was chosen as bishop unanimously, being consecrated in the year 418.

St. Germaine was responsible for building a large monastery as well as establishing many schools for the clergy. He has become the patron saint of abused children. His feast is on the 28th day of May every year and is the patron of Auxerre, though he has been honored in Cornwall as well.