St. Gregory was born in 540, in Rome, Italy. He was the son of a wealthy senator and later became a deacon of Rome. While in Rome he obtained a thorough education and became Chief Magistrate at the age of 34, appointed by Emperor Justin the Younger.

Beginning a time of greater spiritual growth he took to a monastic habit at 35. He built a total of six monasteries throughout Sicily and then a seventh in Rome, which was in his own home. This later would be known as the Benedictine Monastery of St. Andrew.

St. Gregory was chosen as the pope unanimously following the death of Pelagius. His zeal was significant and he composed a significant amount of works. He is known for contributions of liturgy of mass and is one of the four doctors of the Latin Church.

St. Gregory is the patron saint of teachers and is commonly depicted with a book in his hands. His feast day is the 3rd of September.