St. Jerome lived from c. 347-420. His legacy is that of a scholar, devout Christian, and major contributor as both a historian and letters. He was also a gifted translator, and his translation of the bible into Latin is by far his greatest contribution in this field. He lived a life of both intellect and faith. His body of work is so large and prolific, that only St. Augustine surpassed St. Jerome’s output in the ancient Christian world.

It’s for this reason that St. Jerome is known as the patron saint of archaeologists, librarians, and translators. In art, and on patron saint jewelry, St. Jerome is shown holding a book, a symbol of the intellectual gifts he used to further spread Christian love through the written word. A cross will usually be in the other hand. As we journey through a world that seems to worship only science and intellect, St. Jerome reminds us that intellect and Christianity can both further spread the love of Christ to a world that so badly needs it.