St. John Chrysostom was born around the year 344 to Christians in Antioch in what is now Syria. Named Chrysostom, or golden-mouthed, he was known for great eloquence. He studied oratory under the most renowned speaker in the pagan world, Libanius.

Around age 30, John Chrysostom withdrew from the secular world to the mountains above Antioch. Poor health forced him back to Antioch where he became a priest. He was Bishop of Constantinople. He fought for charity and justice. Ceaselessly preaching reform, he ran afoul of powerful forces in the community.

Facing false accusations, John Chrysostom was exiled from the community. Similar to St. Paul, he knew peace and joy despite his tribulations. He finished his days at Pythius in the most remote corner of the Eastern Roman Empire where he died in 407. He was named a Doctor of the Church in 451. His feast day is Sept. 13.