Saint Joseph the Worker is another name for Joseph, the foster father of Christ. Reputed to be a carpenter by trade, Joseph is the Patron Saint of Workers. His sainthood plays an important role in the Christian faith, because his life serves as an inspiration for the millions of workers throughout the world. At his instruction, Jesus learned to work, which revealed to Jesus the daily experiences of humanity. Pope Pius IX also declared Saint Joseph the patron saint and protector of the Catholic Church in 1870.

Saint Joseph is a member of the Holy Family. The Holy Family is made up of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Child Jesus and Saint Joseph. Saint Thomas Aquinas expressly recognized the importance of Josephs life in the functioning of the Church through his writings. Without Josephs protection over Mary and Christ, it is likely that she would have been stoned by the Jews.

Saint Joseph has several feast days. His principal feast day is March 19. Saint Joseph has been depicted in many famous pieces of art, such as Rembrandts Josephs Dream and Giottos Flight to Egypt. Generally portrayed in art, at a workbench, holding a carpenter’s square or a mallet.