Born into a wealthy, patrician family, St. Placidus was sent to St. Benedict when he was just seven years old. One day, while swimming in a river, he began to drown. Seeing his companion in distress, fellow Benedictine monk Maurus was dispatched to save him. It was a marvel when they realized that Maurus had walked on water to rescue the young Placidus.

Placidus entered the Benedictine Monastery when he came of age. He was filled with the grace of God and entrusted with duties beyond his years. Charged with protecting holdings granted to Benedict, he founded a monastery when just 26-years-old. He was renown for his kindness and never spoke ill of anyone.

During a visit from his sister, pirates attacked and Placidus was killed. He is a Saint of the Benedictine Order whose Feast Day is celebrated on January 15, or October 5 on some calendars due to confusion with an earlier martyr of the same name. He is the Patron Saint of Messina.