Called to become one of the Apostles, Thomas was dedicated follower of Jesus. Thomas was known for being impetuous, courageous and both skeptical and faithful. His courage is manifest when he call upon the other Apostles to accompany Jesus to Bethany which was near Jerusalem, the home turf of his enemies. He was ready to “die with him”.

St. Thomas was a participant in the Last Supper and pleaded with Christ that he did not understand after being told that a place would be prepared for them. He gained the nickname Doubting Thomas because he would not believe the other Apostles when he was told that the Lord rose on Easter Sunday. He said he had to touch the wounds of Jesus in order to believe. A week later, when Jesus came to the Apostles again, Thomas was with them. Jesus offered his pierced hands to Thomas encouraging him to stop doubting and believe. It was then that Thomas made the the proclamation of Faith “my Lord and my God.”

St. Thomas the apostle is the patron saint of architects and his feast day is the 3rd of July. He is commonly portrayed holding a spear in one hand and a book in the other.