St. Vitus is one of the 14 Holy Helpers of the Roman Catholic Faith, a group of Saints whose intercessions are thought to be especially powerful against the ravages of disease. Born during the Roman era, he was converted to Christianity by his caretakers and soon began performing miraculous cures. After casting a demon out of the son of the Emperor Diocletian, he was tormented with a vat of boiling lead and thrown into the den of a lion, who affectionately licked him.

St. Vitus is commonly depicted with a metal vat or roosters because of his torture and his miraculous ability with domestic animals.

St. Vitus’ Feast Day occurs on June 15th. He is the patron saint for epileptics and people with Sydenham’s chorea, commonly known as St. Vitus’ Dance. Dancers, actors, and young people pray to him. Dog owners invoke his help and he is asked for protection during fierce storms.